For a buyer, the interior is inevitably a strong identity carrier and can, if handled wisely, create tremendous amounts of added value. The interior is a tool in the hunt for talent and market position no matter if you are a restaurant, company, hotel or public service. However, most buyers have limited experience in this field and are having difficulties in providing a reality based and independent cost review to its projects. Most find it hard to evaluate various opportunities as well as their existing contracts and are unprepared for the cost involved, and use up too many hours trying to find out. As a buyer, you have almost no ways in finding independent answers to your needs and you will most likely end up in the hands of a supplier. However, a supplier is always tied to its product and employer provider. The risk that you’ll miss out on the markets full potential is obvious. Your needs will ultimately be determined by the supplier’s selection and profit goals rather than vice versa. If not, an uninteresting business deal takes place with linked risks.

Independent Interior aim to reverse the conditions and give the control back to the buyer. With extensive experience in furniture and interior design, we give you a unique and far more advantageous position and a more efficient process. As independent consultants, we identify your specific needs and use them as a basis to attract the right market players and ensure that your vision is matched with the market’s actual possibilities in the most efficient way.