We are independent consultants within cost management and implementation for interiors and furniture. We truly know the interior business. Our position and experience deliver cost effective client value in every step, increase results and will reduce total costs without compromising on quality. Our business model will streamline time without compromising on design and generates control in order to make visions real without compromising on creativity. Independent Interior never challenge for business. We make business. We call it Independering®.

Independent Interior is our way of breaking with old bad habits and making it different. After years of buying and selling massive volumes, representing design and leading market players, practicing qualified negotiating and problem solving - the interior industry became our lifestyle. We have come to know the markets potential and its limitations as well as the various processes and business models in depth. We’ve seen and generated successful projects but have, over the years, also noticed numerous of problems that seem to occur time and again. We need to change this, do it different and make it better. And above all, we need to deliver maximum client value, always and independently.

As free and independent specialist consultants, we find non-aligned and new ways that better serve the creative, strategic and financial aspects of each interior project. We offer precision calculation and turnkey solutions for new interior in full, early stages investment evaluation with reality based budgets as well as benchmarking and know how procurement in late stages. We act strictly independent no matter destination but always and only for the buyer and preferred for and together with the architect.

Independent Interior Sweden AB was founded in April 2014 by Daniel Fager after years of frustration together with the desire to change the interior process and improve the client experience drastically. Today we bring massive experience and makes visions come true in a different and better way. We never buy nor profit from the interior, producer or supplier. We tie financial issues together with creative ideas and makes wallets talk with visionaries for one reason - make it real.

Independent Interior presents Insperior every fall; An independent meeting place for the interior industry. Read more at insperior.se