As an architect you strive to be independent, but there are few sources to provide you with an independent answer to furniture and interior design. Too often creative ambitions draw the short straw for the practical realities. Details are deleted, products replaced and amounts reduced while the total cost and number of work hours increases. Visions are not efficiently linked independently with realities from the start, resulting in a snowball effect of both creative and economic losses – both at the client and specifiers end. If the investment cost is not in line or can be reviewed independently, choices will be made by others and the client needs and satisfaction is not fulfilled, and investments are not used in an optimal way.

Independent Interior focuses on cost management in collaborations with the creator and architect. As independent consultants with extensive expertise we can follow the project all the way and help with reality-based cost management and effective procurement in a non-aligned relation to suppliers and producers. The creative process becomes more efficient, fun and smooth, while client value increases dramatically when decisions are made by choice. The architect and creator are given the space to be visionaries and becomes truly independent, while the vision gets a fair chance of becoming a reality and investments are optimized. We want you to take the power back and exceed you client's expectations.